# I G N I T E T H E F I R E

Letter From The CEO

Letter From The CEO

GØDFIRE started as an idea… an idea AND a commitment. The commitment was 3 simple things: 

  1. We never settle - everything we do is with excellence. From esports to community, we strive to be the absolute best. We aim to field the best teams in the world, the top content creators, and most importantly be home to the most active fanbase and community.
  1. We are not to be placed in a box - nothing needs to stay a dream. If it makes sense, let's do it. We have the power to define our own destiny and the flexibility to do it quickly. 
  1. We represent all gamers - gaming was not built on the back of any 1 specific team or person. It was built by communities. Those communities have always remained divided, whether it’s content communities, LFGs, or esports orgs. Those walls no longer need to exist, and it's our goal to tear them down.

What's the point? 

Since our launch, we’ve built a thriving community of engaged and ACTIVE gamers. We’ve built relationships and a team around us to truly take things to the next level. 

This leads me to excitedly announce what the future for GØDFIRE holds and how it fits in with our commitments.

  1. We now field one of the world's best Apex Legends teams with no plans of stopping anytime soon. We are committed to being a winning brand and building a winning culture across all of our teams, fans, and community.
  2. Nothing is off limits, from merch to content creators. We are doing whatever it takes to become a household name.
  3. We have decided to open our membership to all fans. After completing a short application you can join and become part of the heartbeat of GØDFIRE. Being a member means representing the best of what GØDFIRE has to offer and with that comes an opportunity to grow together! 

I invite you to see what the excitement is all about at discord.gg/godfire.