# I G N I T E T H E F I R E


GØDFIRE is a worldwide gaming organization built to ignite the fire in every gamer.
We created this community to be without boundaries.
An organization that is authentic and inspired by its community.
To start from nothing, and rise to the top, on our terms.

We are home to one of the most active communities in gaming. We host anything from casual game nights to professional tournaments, and field professional teams and content creators for our community to enjoy.

Named from the Greek "God of Fire and Forge", we aim to help develop and craft talent across multiple titles and have positioned ourselves around three core tenets:


"GØDFIRE is not just an organization or a team, it is a family that welcomed us with open arms. To allow our team to live our dream. You can be sure that GØDFIRE will leave a legacy never to be forgotten."

– @TTvCaffezin

"I want to thank Godfire for the amazing moments the biggest support i've ever had from an organization! You guys are the best!"

– @SleeepTV

"I feel honored seeing all the growth GØDFIRE is making. Nothing but love for the hard work and dedication to bring us to this point."

– @OcitoUSAF

“I love my organization. <3”

– @N3LASfps

"GØDFIRE is one big family. A place where no matter what, everybody takes care of each other. A forever growing home."

– @EmBombi

"GØDFIRE was a place for me to network and grow but it quickly became a family. We laugh with each other and never have a dull moment."

– @Evolve420